These are my current thoughts concerning photography

Over 29-30 years we have diminished film; in fact kodak went bankrupt: got rid of the Nikon Fs; Minolta sold out to Sony; and Photoshop has in some places replaced the darkroom, but the pictures we take are close to the same. Some would say this is progress and some stubbornly stick to film. I still want a B&W print with detail in the darks and the highlights not burned out. I have embraced the digital age. I have two Sonys: a DSLR-a900 and a NEX-7. Last week I made a 13x19 enlargement of a digital negative from my a700 and you could not tell the difference from an 81/2 x11. Well, it is time for me to re-imagine myself with all this technology! I am more and more interested in the abstract. I feel that is where photography is leading me-finding the image that is right around me right now.

I neglected to add I use an Epson 2880 printer with the new fibre based paper and it looks as good as silver paper air-dried.